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Rone Award Nominations

I am honored to announce two books of the Dragshi Chronicles have made it to the second selection round of the prestigious RONE award. Hatchling's Vengeance and Hatchling's Mate are in the science fiction - fantasy category.  Voting for the category takes place from May 1st to May 7th at http://www.indtale.com/2017-rone-awards-week-three.

I would LOVE to be in the finals. This is my first ever nomination for such an award! I’m humbled and honored to be included with all of the other talented authors whose books have been selected this year. (Best wishes to all!)

Because of the number of entries you can vote for two books in the fantasy/sci fi category. If you enjoyed either Hatchling's Mate or Hatchling's Vengeance a vote would be greatly appreciated.

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Windmaster Legacy -
Chose magic or the life of a loved one

Ellspeth and the dark-haired archmage Dal, escort his mother to her ancestral lands. Their plans change when mercenaries under the control of a rogue mage attack.

Dal's mother is fatally wounded. Ellspeth is captured and her sole hope for escape is Nobyn, an untrained wizard going through the throes of awakening magic. However, Nobyn is Bashim's apprentice and under the mage's total control.

Dal must make an impossible decision whether to rescue Ellspeth, save his mother, or thwart Bashim's plans. As archmage, Dal might be able to survive killing the future of magic, but as a man could he live with the knowledge he caused the death of a loved one.

Excerpts and a free read of the first chapter available here

Available At:  Ebook: Amazon  Paperback: Amazon 

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The Dragshi Chronicles Continue 
Book 4 - Hatchling's Vengeance Now Available

Finding your mate is only half the battle. Keeping them alive is the other when duty has other demands and Fate holds all the cards.


Lady Glynnes Janaleigh had found her mate. Fate would determine whether or not she could keep him. Not even dragon fire and talons were enough to overcome the mind control wielded by the leader called—the Parant who means to destroy all dragon shifters.


For those who the Parant commands, will vengeance yield to love and provide a path to redemption? Or will retribution decree the punishment for path acts be death?

Available At:  Amazon  itunes  Kobo  Barnes and Noble      

Excerpts and a free read of the first chapter available here

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Review - 4 Roses for Hatchings Curse
from Roses and Thorns Reviews

Here's a few tidbits from the review.

"Hatchling’s Curse: Book Two of The Dragshi Chronicles, is very well-written with heroes and heroines with whom one can identify and root for, an enemy with clear motives, great world-building, steady pacing—in short, everything one needs to write a five-rose thriller/fantasy/romance."

Read the full review at  Roses and Thorns Reviews.


From the Back Street to Main Street

From the Back Street to Main Street chronicles the Society of Methodists of Middletown Point from its early beginnings with circuit rider preachers to the current congregation of the 21st century as the Matawan United Methodist Church in Aberdeen.

Author Helen Henderson blends the context of times past with over 100 images as she presents over 180 years of the church’s history and that of the Monmouth County, New Jersey towns of Matawan Borough and Aberdeen Township.

Available at Amazon.com  / Barnes and Noble  

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